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Cahier d'anglais

Hurricane Irma

This recording is hurricane Irma.
You can hear the sound | the gusts of the wind and pouring rain=pluie diluvienne.
The hurricane was located in the Carribeans and then blew over Florida, USA.
This recording was made yesterday in Miami, Florida.

This document is an article from BBC, which is a news website and channel.
This article was written | published a Monday, 12 September 2017, ie. yesterday.

1. 80% of Florida are without | is without | have no | is out of | don't have any power | electricity.
→ This is a huge | massive | very big proportion.
2. 10,000 people decided to leave Florida in order to | so as to | to save their hide and escape | run away | flee | skedaddle from Irma.
3. President Trump approved | decided Federal emergency and to help, rescue | save the disaster victims=sinistrés.
-an airborne rescue mission the US Air Force
-a major disaster declaration to pay back the massive damage.
4. Other places were hit | stricken by the storm : Cuba, Barhuda, St Martin, St Barthelemy, Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands.

-Relatives=Membres de la famille
-Damaged=Abimé, Endommagé
-Power=Courant électrique
-Swaying/To sway=Vaciller, Tanguer

Gun Art

This sculpture | artwork represents the US map with a lot of | many | lots of | plenty of guns.
The guns are hung with strings | threads. They move | turn around | float in the air.
All the guns together form | looks like the map of the USA.
The sculpture aims to denounce there are too many guns in the USA | highlight the massive | huge proliferation of fire weapons in USA | criticize the right to bear a gun.
Legislation : any American citizen can buy, have, keep, own, or bear a gun.
→ Buying, having a gun is moral | natural, a right, allowed. It's easy to buy one for US people.
Currently, it's a hot potato | controversial debate in the US with many pro-guns and anti-guns sides.
there are many murders → social aspect
it is big business → economic aspect
it's a custom | tradition → cultural aspect
there are a lot of criminals and criminal cases involving police too.

Consequently, mass shooting happen every year e.g. last week in Last Vegas where 59 people died and almost | approximately | about | around 500 injured | wounded !

Correction : This is a documentary presented by one speaker about guns in the USA. The USA is well-known for its love of guns. The US suffers from the highest number of gun deaths and is the country with the highest number of guns per resident. The speaker asks why the USA loves guns so much. The 2nd Amendment | Part of the Constitution.
Their love of gun comes from US early history and the British common Law because the USA was formed by British immigrants after the Independance War (1765-1783). Most conflicts were won by the most armed forces. Americans associate Freedom with guns. Guns guarantee the right to self-defense and the defense of freedom.
Many people, particularly the NRA (National Rifle Assault) associate gun with liberty.
They feel they have more power to protect themselves against criminals.

Commemorative Tattoo

On this picture | snap | photograph is a man with a huge | massive tattoo on his back.
This man is surely | for sure | certainly | definitely a fireman | firefighter because | as he's holding | carrying a fireman helmet and he's wearing fireman pants.
He's standing in front of the US flag | star-sprangled banner, which is in the background, which has 13 stripes and 50 stars. The 50 stars represent the 50 American States and the 13 stripes refer to the 13 original colonies. ⇒ British people went to America in the 17th century and created colonies which finally become the USA.
Peoples from : England, Ireland, France, Wales, Germany, Spain, Scotland, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Netherlands.
Reasons : Attracted by the American Dream. There was a terrible hunger in Ireland (1845-1848). To escape wars/economic crisis/political and religious persecution. A lot of Cubans escaped Fidel Castro's dictatorship | oppressive system and moved to Miami, Florida.
The Tattoo shows the Twin Towers | World Trade Center burning | on fire and smoking | in smoke and about to fall down | collapse. The WTC used to be in Manhattan which is one of 5 NY district (+Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, Staten Island).
A big | massive | huge | tremendous terrorist attack happened | occured on 11 September | 9.11 | 11.09 2001, 2 aircrafts | planes | aeroplanes crashed into | against the towers, hijacked=détourné by terrorists.

On the left is a list of names, probably victims who died in the rubble=décombres.
These names are probably firemen doing their jobs | saving | rescuing other people | victims | casualties.

Message : This fireman wants | means to commemorate his teammates | workmates | partners who died in the attack. He wans to say that he doesn't and will never forget what happened that terrible | awful | horrendous | tragic day. He considers his dead partners heroes.

Firemen are heroes:
Yes, because they save lives, they sacrifice themselves for other, they are braves.
No, they steal our money.
Yes, they dedicate their lives to help others. They choose to help us, they are volunteers. Their life is at stake. They didn't know if they come back alive.
No, they are doing their jobs, being a hero is to do more than your job.
The firemen save their life before saving other people. They don't make it for free.


Subject + be → preterit + past participle
La forme passive est utilisée quand celui qui fait l'action a peu d'importance ou est inconnu.
The photograph was taken in 2001.
The tattoo was made on his back.
The US flag was put in the background.
The country was colonized in the 17th century.
These populations were drawn on his body.

BAC Listening training

Correction : This is an interview with 2 speakers, Donald Trump and a female journalist. It's about the terrorist attack on the WTC. He's never seen anything like this before, 2 big | huge buildings falling down into rubble and thinks about the thousands of lives. The WTC had 110 storeys. He says hundreds of workers are doing their jobs : rescue lives. He says they've never worked like this before and never seen anything like this. "It's terrible". The journalist asks him what the workers are doing on Ground Zero. He says that was devastation and it's dangerous so workers had to take off and come back because other buildings were about to collapse. He explains it's terrible for workers and terrible for the world.
Secondly, she asks if he has spoken to the firemen and says it must be really | extremely difficult emotionally, and how they reacted. The firemen have never seen bodies like this. They tried to find people alive and they finally found 5 firemen still alive. He says it's a depressing situation for folks.

The Angels' Share

1. This movie | film | motion picture is both a drama and a comedy. So it's a dramedy.
2. This film was created by | The director is | This motion picture was made by | The filmmaker is Kem Loach.
3. The story takes place in Glasgow, Edinburgh (the capital city), which are cities in Scotland.
Plus, they go to the Highlands to steal whisky.
4. Albert : clumsy, stupid | idiotic | dumb | foolish, simple-minded, weird | strange | bizarre | odd, alcoholic, uncultived | uncultivated | ignorant
Robbie : courageous, nervous, determined, aggressive, ambitious, violent, intelligent | smart | clever, careless, foolhardy, cheeky, grateful
Mo : kleptomaniac
Rhino: immature
Harry : helpful, generous, friendly, reliable, caring
Leonie : mature, encouraging, patient
Thaddeus : dishonest (he buys a stolen whisky, he tried to corrupt | bribe the distillery director).
5. They decide to steal a Malt Mill whisky, which is very rare so it's priceless so they exchange | switch | swap this precious whisky with another one. Then they sell it to Thaddeus.
They do that to make | get money and start a new life, he become a father and he wants to be an example for his son.
He needs to get out of Glasgow as many other offenders want to hurt him and maybe kill him. Plus, Leonie's father wants him to leave Glasgow, he had no choice.
6. Thanks to Thaddeus, he has a deal and negociates for money and a job so leaves Glasgow with his wife and baby Luke in order to | so as to | to start a new life | start from scratch | make a fresh start.

This story is about 2 men who are going to have a baby as one of them is pregnant !

Special ?
• A man is pregnant but naturally a man can't.
• These 2 men are married.
• The baby is going to have 2 fathers.
• Only women have a uterus.

Character ?
Scott, 30 (=Jessica)
Thomas (=Laura)
dead woman
Miles (baby)
Gregg, 12
Logan, 10

= Contrast past/present
1 Scott and Thomas used to be girls.
2 Scott and Thomas didn't use to be boys.
3 Thomas used to be married with a womam.
4 Scott used to be hung up=complexé so he changed his sex.
5 They used to have long hair.
6 They didn't use to have short hair.
7 They didn't use to look like boys.

Find English equivalents in the text:
-to deliver | to give birth
-he's important | he's looking forward
-to disapprouve of | to criticize
-I said to my relatives | I told my family
-authorized | allowed
-to make up one's mind | to decide
-worried| concerned
-a kid | a child
-joyful | happy | blissful
-mad | crazy
-to pay for | to afford
-hand | difficult